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The ion nitriding process

Ion nitriding method is by German B.B erghaus invented in 1932.The law is in 0.1 ~ 10 Torr (Torr = 133.3 Pa) nitrogen atmosphere, furnace body as anode, the processed workpiece as the cathode, the electrode of Yin and Yang of hundreds of volts dc voltage, because the glow discharge phenomenon will produce a soft light like strobe lights covering on the surface of the workpiece are processed.At this point, the ionized gas composition are accelerated electric field, the impact is processed workpiece surface and the heating.At the same time rely on nitriding processing such as sputtering and ionization effect.

Ion nitriding method with past by decomposition of ammonia or use cyanide for nitriding method is very different, as a kind of brand-new nitriding method, has been widely used in automobiles, machinery, precision instruments, extrusion molding machine, mold and so on many fields, and its application range is still growing.

Some ion nitriding method has the following advantages:

(1) due to the effect of ion nitriding method is not dependent on chemical reaction, but the use of ionization of the nitrogen gas nitriding processing, so the working environment is very clean without special equipment to prevent pollution.Therefore, ion nitriding method is also known as the 21st century "green" method of nitride.

(2) by ion nitriding method using the ionization of gas spraying effect, and compared with the previous nitriding treatment, can significantly shorten the processing time (ion nitriding time only for ordinary gas nitriding time 1/3 ~ 1/5).

(3) due to the ion nitriding method using the glow discharge the workpiece heated directly, also need not special heating and heat preservation equipment, and can obtain uniform temperature distribution, compared with the indirect heating mode heating efficiency can be increased by more than 2 times, to achieve energy saving effect (energy consumption of gas nitriding only 40 ~ 70%).

(4) due to the ion nitriding was conducted in a vacuum, and thus can be obtained without oxidation processing surface, also won't damage is processed workpiece surface finish.And for processing, because it is in the low temperature processed workpiece deformation small, after processing without any processing, very suitable for the processing of finished products.

(5) by adjusting the nitrogen, hydrogen and other (such as carbon, oxygen, sulfur, etc.) the proportion of the atmosphere, can freely adjust the phase composition of the compound layer, to obtain the desired mechanical properties.

6 ion nitriding since 380 ¡æ can be nitriding treatment, in addition, the titanium and other special materials can also be used in nitriding treatment under the high temperature of 850 ¡æ, thus the range is very wide.

Cruelly by ion nitriding was conducted under low pressure in the form of ion implantation, so little gas consumption (only a few percent of gas nitriding), can greatly reduce the processing cost.

Ion nitriding of medium, commonly used have ammonia nitrogen or hydrogen gas mixture.In the vacuum chamber (133 ~ 1330 (Pa), (workpiece) between the anode and cathode in 400 ~ 1100 V high voltage direct current (dc), nitriding gas ionization, and around the workpiece glow discharge is produced.Ammonia atoms to the workpiece surface, and heating the workpiece in surface form FeN enrichment, decomposed into nitrogen.

Its features are: 1) the nitriding speed;2) the organization is easy to control, nitrogen layer brittle small;3) deformation;4) easy to protect, 5) save energy;6) less pollution.

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