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Small workpiece carburizing process

Carburizing and quenching heat treatment process is a common metal materials, it can make the percolation carbon surface to obtain high hardness, improve its wear-resisting degree.Traditional process mainly include: the low temperature tempering, cooling, direct quenching, a heating quenching, carburizing and high temperature tempering, the secondary hardening after cold treatment, carburizing and induction heating, etc.Quenching process has been widely used in modern machinery manufacturing industry.Important parts in machinery, especially in the automotive, aircraft, rockets almost all of the application of steel after quenching process.To meet the requirements of all kinds of parts do worse than any other technology, developed a variety of quenching process.


Carburizing and other chemical heat treatment, but also contains three basic process.

1) decomposition

Carburizing medium decomposition to produce activated carbon atoms.

(2) adsorption

Activated carbon atoms are absorbed on the surface of the steel instant to the surface of austenitic, increase the carbon content in austenite.

(3) diffusion

Carbon content of surface carbon content increases with the core of concentration difference, on the surface of the carbon to internal diffusion.Carbon steel in the diffusion velocity mainly depends on temperature, at the same time and the difference of concentration of workpiece by seepage element in the inside and outside and alloy element content in the steel.

Carburized parts of materials generally choose low carbon steel or low carbon martensite or contain non martensite organization, but should avoid ferrite.General carburized layer depth range of 0.8 ~ 0.8 mm, deep carburizing can be up to 2 mm or more.Surface hardness can reach HRC58-63, the core hardness of HRC30 ~ 42.After carburizing and quenching, surface produce compression stress, to improve the fatigue strength of the workpiece.So carburizing is widely used to improve strength, impact toughness and abrasion resistance parts, so as to prolong the service life of parts.

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